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Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Wind energy - the fastest growing source of sustainable energy production in the world can contribute substantially to global goals for reducing CO2. Sites located on & offshore and in remote areas are ideal for wind farms and there is enough potential worldwide for wind farms to generate more than twice the forecast energy demand in 2020.Parallel to the rapid growth of large-scale wind energy production, alternative technologies are emerging, such as sophisticated small-scale urban turbines, which can be incorporated into the architecture of modern cityscapes.

Our wind energy experts advise project developers, energy companies, local and regional authorities, turbine manufacturers, financial institutions and others.

Wind to Grid services:

Design to Operation, Wind to Grid, Onshore & Offshore

We guide project developers, investors, insurance brokers, asset managers, farm operators and public stakeholders throughout the development of wind projects onshore and offshore.

  • Site screening, feasibility, including wind resource assessments and data analysis
  • Design & technical advisory during project development, contracting and realization, with special focus on reducing risks in project EPC.
  • Due diligence
  • Monitoring and performance optimization, with intelligent software products