About HARU


Vision & Mission

The Haru values are part of the daily working life. They define the culture and guide the company in choosing what is right. They constitute Harus' identity and bind the company as a group of individuals. They establish expectations and predictability within the company and in the relations to clients, partners and other stakeholders. At the very basis they imply respect and responsibility for people and planet

Mission Statement

"We Renovate Future… for a Greener Planet we call 'Home'.."

Haru Rensource aims for greater eco−efficiency in its activities by maximizing energy and resource efficiency, reusing existing elements, and providing products and services which reduce the harmful effects on the environment.


  • We are not afraid to think beyond borders and act entrepreneurially to create significant solutions.

  • To be international recognized as an environmentally responsible energy enterprise.

  • We are focused on delivering projects that impact our clients' business.

  • We are keen to build relationships with clients, partners and colleagues based on trust.